March 2012

First Looks, New Pens for 2012

As many of us pen user have said, the need for another pen often just overcomes you. One pen, never, two is the start, then it just keeps going.

OMAS 360 Vintage RedWhen I received word of the new OMAS 360 Vintage Red, I heard myself saying "I Need That Pen".

I already have the classic OMAS 360 in blue/black resin, in regular and magnum size. I like the feel of the classic 360 as compared to the newer model.

I have been eyeing the 36- Vintage Blue for a long time. I was told it was only available with a medium nib, so it never made it from store counter to my desk.

OMAS 360 Vintage RedSo I like the stle, design and quality of the classic 360 and now, knowing it will be released in the next few months in red... it is almost too much to take!

The pen is to be availalbe with Extra Fine, Fine and Medium or Broad nib width. When I saw the Broad option, well, as the line from the famous movie goes...
... you had me at red.

The OMAS 360 Vintage red woke up the desire for yet another pen, and it got me thinking of just what else is out there that is new and could work its way into the must have club. I came very close to buying the 360 Vintage in Blue, but I was always told it was only available with a Medium Nib. Not for me.

Now the 360 Vintage Red is clearly leading the pack. Colour, stye and nib are all coming together to create great synergy. It will be hard to get in that there are only 360 being produced with 180 available for the US market. Good thing I am on my way to Italy in a few months!

OMAS Burlk Wood Celluloid Vintage ParagonAnd while I am talking about the OMAS pens, the new Burl Wood Celluloid Vintage Paragon is another stunning pen to be released in the coming months. I personally tend to lean towards the most classic pens and the Paragon ranks as one of the most iconic styles of pens produced. I have a number of pens in this style in the Paragon and Milord body size. They are among by favorite. Of course, the nib, well it hard to fine a smoother nib.

OMAS Burl Wood Celluloid Vintage ParagonThis will also be one of those pens that will only be available for a very limited time. Available in a range of nibs (Extra Fine, Fine and Medium in a 14 Kt Extra Flex Nib, and Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Bold in the 18 kt nib) there will be 80 of a Rose Gold, 80 Yellow Gold, 80 High Tech Silver and 80 Ruthernium trim pens produced.

The vintage Paragon means it will be smaller than the new Paragon, but based on some of the comments I have received, that should be a good thing. I like big pens, and the new big Paragon is a great pen to write with, but the classic Paragon is also a very well balanced size pen.

Montegrappa CentennialMontegrappa, founded in 1912, marks a centennial anniversary this year. This is the year of the dragon and we can expect linkages to the Asian market with the products they release this year. The logo for 2012 includes the dragon as well as an eagle. The eagle is the symbol of the Aquila family.

The Montegrappa web site opens with Sylvester Stallone, who is now the face of Montegrappa in their media. In the opening video on the site Sylvester uses a powerful statement that goes something like, you work hard for your money, so why not buy the best... I will be interesting to see the Limited and Regular lines produced by Montegrappa this year.

One of the first of the pens to be released in 2012 is the Alchmeist Pen, developed in collaboration with Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho.

Delta DolcevitaDelta has issued a new version of the iconic Dolcevita, with a special version in made from a solid bar of transparent resin. The fountain pen will come with a specially designed extra large 14 kt gold nib. The nib is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub. This year I just acquired the traditional oversized Dolcevita with a stub nib and all I can say is writing with the pen is a real pleasure.

I am just waiting for final details to be confirmed but I hope to visit with Delta this year when I am in Naples.

Aurora 88 Demonstrator BlackAurora worked with Kenro Industries to develop a new pen, the Black 88 Demonstrator. In announcing the release, Kenro notes that they were particularly pleased with the combination of matte black finishing and how that contrasts with the translucence of the demonstrator body and cap and the overall contemporary design of this classic 88 pen. The pen has a distinctive all black nib.

First delivery of this pen is targeted for April 2012.

So 2012 could be an interesting year in terms of new pens, and I must admit, I certain have that ... gotta get a new one bug!

I will be updating in a few months as more new lines are announced.

Enjoy your pens. 

Your pen, an expresssion of you.