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December 2009

A time to write and use your pens...

Pen Card

For those that send Christmas cards or letters out to other in December this is a great month to connect with those we don't connect with enough, and to enjoy the pleasure of writing with a fountain pen.

To many, an e-mail message lacks the personal touch of a written note. A written note really says you cared to take the time.

So not only will the person who receives your note be pleased, but the process of writing the cards or letters is a great opportunity to use your pen and ink collection. I have enjoyed the past week in loading up pens that ave not been used for a while.

So the best of the holiday season, and this is a time of year for you to exchange cards, use this as your opportunity to get reacquainted with your great collection of pens!


Enjoy your pens! Your pen, an expression of you.