Pen Stores

 A number of years ago I started to keep a list of stores for reference so that when I was travelling, I would be able to find a pen shop. Well the list has grown and I thank various individuals so send me updates when a new store opens, or sadly, one closes.

Keeping the list current is a challenge. Stores close as owners retire or development takes place. Please accept my apologies if you find the store is no longer in operation. If you can send me a note at I will update the list.

The Directory Listing of Pen Stores is organized as follows:

Some of the stores will also have a reference to a review in the Great Pen Store Directory.



By Fall 2014 I returned from yet another great trip to Italy. Of course in Rome, I spent some time linking up with Marco at Novelli Pen in Rome. When you have been shopping at a store for more than 25 years there is something special there. This year for fun I created a short video, A Walk to Novelli on Tumblr, facebook and Google+.