pens of note


My Pens of Note are those pens that have a special standing with me. It is not that I don't like all my pens. But some, well they are special.

These are the pens that I use the most, or in some cases, use with the most fear as I know the pens can not be replaced. These are pens that have special meaning to me in terms of not only how I acquired it, and writing characteristics of the pen itself.


An index listing of my Pens of Note shows that the covers a range of companies. A variety of pen companies produce pens that make my group. Some companies like Delta, Omas, Visconti have more individual pens of note; other like Leonardo Officina Italiana, Montegrappa and Namiki may have less, but the pens I have are remarkable.


Each of my Pens of Note have something special. Montegrappa is one line that has always held a place in my heart.



I have always been drawn to Montegrappa. I remember when I visited with the company, it was just after it was purchased back from the Richemont Group. I remember how the staff of Montegrappa talked about their company and their pens.

Celluloid and sterling silver, the DNA of Montegrappa.

That comment stuck with me, and over the years, I find that the Montegrappap pens that I am most drawn to are just that. Those made with celluloid and sterling silver. I think the comment means something as not only does it ring true on the pens I have liked, but it relfects something about the passion of the employees of Montegrappa to feel something about their company. They don't just make pens. They make Montgrappa pens.







Aurora was the first of the Italian pen centres that I visited. They still stand our as they make their nibs on site.

» Aurora


Oh what a loss when Delta closed its business. Here was a relatively young pen company that produced a remarkable line of pens.

» Delta


When Delta closed, there was the start of a new exciting Italian pen company, Leonardo Officina Italiana.

» Leonardo Officina Italiana


The Pelikan M800 is an iconic pen.

» Pelikan


Visconti Medici

Visconti Medici


Stipula Etruria

Stipula Etruria


OMAS Art Italiana Wild

OMAS Arte Italiana


OMAS Extra 1940 Turtle Brown

Montegrappa Extra 1930


Delta Pompeii

Leonardo Officina Italiana

Leonardo Officina Italiana


Namiki Nikon Wave