Plume et Bille Paris

Brigitte Courson operates Plume & Bille in Paris, her approach to pens and writing is spot on.

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Vancouver Pen

Vancouver Pen is an historic store here in Vancouver. It has a solid selection of pens and staff that are knowledgeable and more than encouraging for you to try a pen before you buy. We are lucky in Vancouver to have a number of pen stores. In addition to Vancouver Pen, there is Charals on Robson and and Perks in North Vancouver. See Great Pen Stores Vancouver for more information.


Novelli Pen Rome

I have been a customer of Novelli Pen in Rome ever since I first started travelling to Italy. When I am in Rome, and perhaps not at Novelli, I am most likely having a visit with Stephano at Stilograph Corsani. See Great Pen Stores - Rome.

great pen stores

Great pen storea have a good selection of pens, an environment encouraging you to try various pens. The knowledgeable staff know that you just have to do this to come to the decision on buying the right pen. Part of the experience of owning and writing with a pen of choice is the actual purchase. Selecting the right pen means a pen that fits in your hand, has a nib appropriate for your writing and is within an acceptable price range. All these aspects are important.

Great pen stores are listed by the following countries:


Charals Vancouver BC Canada

Charals has operated in Vancouver, BC Canada for over 25 years. He moved his store to the 171 Robson Street and it hold status as a Graf Von Faber-Castel Boutique.

Cassa della Penna Napoli

Cassa della Penna in Naples, Italy is an iconic pen store with a long history.

Carranza in Madrid Spain

When in Madrid, a visit to Carranza on Calle Carranza 8 should be planned. Louis Sanzeta has operated the store for many years and there is a good selectionof pens, inks and papers.

Manella Pen in Verona Italy

When in Verona, Italy, do walk down via Mazzini and at number 5, visit Rudi at Manella Pen. This is a small, packed to the roof pen store. Manella operates a larger store about a block away.