Great Pen Stores

We all search for that great pen store. That is the store that has a good selection of pens, creates a environment to encourages trying various pens before you buy, and has staff that know it may be a few visits before you are quite sure of the right pen. Part of the experience of writing with a fine pen is the actual purchase because the right pen is the one that fitst your hand, has a nib appropriate for your writing and is within an acceptable price range.

On-line sales are a reality of life today. It can be great to snag a great deal off an on line source. But I prefer the experience of going into a pen store, trying out a number of pens, trying different nibs (they all write a little differently) and then making my selection.

There is usually that great closing: "What colour ink would you like with your pen?"

I enjoy visiting pen stores on our travels. We travel extensively in France and Italy. We have traveled so much we even do travel consulting ( and have put together great trips for folks.

Great pen stores are listed by the following countries:


Montegrappa Extra 1930


By Fall 2014 I returned from yet another great trip to Italy. Of course in Rome, I spent some time linking up with Marco at Novelli Pen in Rome. When you have been shopping at a store for more than 25 years there is something special there. This year for fun I created a short video, A Walk to Novelli on Tumblr, facebook and Google+.