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A fountain pen is a permanent possession you own, and not an item that is tossed when the ink supply run dry. You build an attachment with your pen. I often hear a pen owner tell how a particular pen was previously owned by a family member. Pens have meaning.

Not only is owning a fountain pen personal, but writing with a fountain pen is a very personal experience. The nib and the ink give your writing a personal characteristic.

Glenn's Pens is about pens, with attention to fountain pens.

Pen Stores

On my travels I regularly visit pen stores. Some of the stores I rank as great pen stores. In my earlier travels, when I arrived in a city I would be looking in phone books, or asking at the hotel front desk about the location any pen stores. I started collecting names and addresses and published a listing - Directory of Stores. The first list was created some 20 years ago.

I also created a list of Great Pen Stores/Stores of Note. Recommended as such because of the selection, service, product line or atmosphere of the store. Often it is the staff who really make the experience special.

I thank those who visit the site and provide recommendations of pen stores they come across. Things change, in terms of store locations, and sadly, store close. Updates are greatly appreciated.


Next to the pen, is the ink it uses. There is a wide selection of ink. You will find that not every ink performs the same every brand of pen. I provide Ink Reviews. I hope you find those useful. Of course colours differ by monitors.

Pen Views

From time to time I write about various topics that capture my interest in the Pen Views column.

Comb-o Notebook from ItalyI recently wrote about the Comb-o leather cover notebook that I acquired when I was in Italy.

I am enjoying using this book. The leather cover just feels so great in the hand. The paper is excellent for fountain pens. Information is found in Pen Views.

About Pens

This section of the site includes general information about fountain pens as well photos and reviews of my Pens of Note. The Pens of Note are those pens in my collection that are consistently at the front of the line in my rotation of pens to use.


As a regular traveller, I maintain a travel journal. It comes in so handy to recall places and names. Without a travel journal the details can just blur.

Montegrappa put out a blurb how world explorer Milosz Pierwola carries a Montegrappa Extra 1930 fountain pen to write in his journal.

Two things struck me. We could be taken as twins! And, we both enjoy writing with the classic Extra 1930 fountain pen. This year, the Extra 1930 in Turtle Brown was the pen I used the most to write in my travel journal.


For this fall, I will be returning for another trip to Italy. Of course when in Rome, I will spend some time linking up with Marco at Novelli Pen. I have been shopping at this store for more than 25 years. Last year, for fun I created a short video, A Walk to Novelli and it is posted Tumblr, facebook and Google+.